Welcome Productivity.

In most offices, everybody wears lots of hats. That includes your receptionist. Which means, they might be at the front desk to greet arriving visitors. Or they might be off doing other stuff — leaving the professionalism of your company up for question. Fact is, if your company’s small, you might not have a receptionist at all.

We created LobbyLink to fill the front-desk gap. It helps you welcome your guests and Welcome Productivity.

What is it?


A Plan for businesses of every size.

We’ve kept LobbyLink super affordable, so everyone can, well, afford it.
First 30 Days FREE
0-2 Employees Always Free
$4 Per Contact After
You'll never pay more than $40 a month
Unless you have more than 100 Employees
If that is the case, please call for pricing.


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