Lobby Link Can Do More Than You Think

September 4, 2015

Based on customer feedback we have been continuously refining Lobby Link to maximize productivity and ease of use. We wanted to take a moment to introduce the latest updates to Lobby Link!

5b914791-002b-43dc-afe9-306407990fd5Say “Hello” to Simple Search Functionality

Lobby Link “wakes up” when it senses someone at the front desk. Guests are immediately invited to search contact details like name, photo, cell number and/or title within the company to easily find who they are here to see.




Easy one-touch notificationc69a60a8-81e8-4a93-bd50-aba2c5b1bc75

Guests simply tap on an employee’s icon to let them know they’ve arrived. Employees immediately get a text message sent to their mobile phone via SMS letting them know they have a visitor waiting for them in the lobby.




91c7ac0d-706f-4406-bf70-c37b1fb2bc0cInitiate and edit contacts simply

Administrators can upload and crop employee photos easily or invite contacts to upload existing photos from either their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. They can even encourage employees via email to fill out their own contact information, which means one less thing busy receptionists and administrative employees have to do.



Email payment reminders9e94ee47-29a0-4d18-a1e9-5ebb8cc17e88

In a busy office, it’s helpful to get payment reminders and updates if an account balance is due. Email notifications make it easy.





c6045f0b-9eaa-47cc-8a9c-1befa0c08cddRegister more than one mobile number

Employees can register more than one cell phone number to alert them that their guest has arrived. This feature is for paid accounts only.